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Essentials of Welding Design
Course Details:
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Starting: 11 September 2017
Duration: 2.00 (days)
Location: United Kingdom
Venue: Cambridge

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Suitable for:

Project engineers, design engineers and design draughtsmen, and all technical staff who require an understanding of the influence of design in production of acceptable welded fabrications.

Course Content:

The welded joint; terminology; steps for successful design; features of welding processes; edge preparations; weld symbols; residual stress and distortion; defects; weldability; strength of welded joints; calculation of weld size for static loading; material selection and process control to avoid brittle fracture; design exercises; assessment of the relative fatigue life of welds; fatigue life improvement methods.

This course reviews the terminology and explains concisely the basic principles of effective welding design.

Course Objectives:
  • To recognise how welding imposes limitations on design
  • To appreciate the importance of weldability problems in materials selection
  • To design a welded joint to provide adequate access for a given process
  • To make static stress assessments
  • To understand fatigue behaviour of welded joints
  • To select materials to avoid brittle fracture