ACFM Training - over 15 years' experience at TWI

The effective detection and sizing of defects in structures is an important part of ensuring compliance to standards or developing remedial repair actions. The capability of the ACFM technique, in the right hands, to detect defects, even under layers of paint, has long been understood and TWI has been active in both research and training in this area of NDT for many years.

Initially, TWI training courses in this area were mainly directed at the offshore industry as ACFM was being used subsea for the inspection of UK rigs and also installations located in Scandinavia and elsewhere.

When the use of ACFM moved on to topsides and onshore installations TWI altered its course content and samples to accommodate this requirement. Since that time courses have been scheduled to meet the requirements of the rail industry and thread inspection for the tubular industry.

TWI has now had the experience of running ACFM courses for over 15 years using the equipment in their purpose built tank located at Middlesbrough and full size nodes containing real fatigue cracks. This allows students to hone their inspection skills so that they are ready to deal with the challenges of inspecting large complex geometries in the workplace.

TWI can offer CSWIP and SNT-TC-1A certification in ACFM and can tailor courses suitable to a particular client's written practice. TWI offers ACFM certification at both Levels 1 and 2 and has in place a scheme for Level 3. The trainers at TWI have a wealth of practical experience using the ACFM equipment in the field and can refer to a multitude of different applications which are frequently recognised by the attendees as being related to their own field of use.

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