Give your welding career a boost with a EWF/IIW Welding Specialist Diploma

Give your welding career a boost with a EWF/IIW Welding Specialist Diploma

If you have two year’s experience in welding related tasks, some technical knowledge and want to develop your welding industry career then this Diploma is your route forward.

The course provides ideal career enhancement progression for welding professionals working in any industry where welding is the major joining method.

Training with TWI Ltd for the European/International Welding Specialist Diploma could unlock your career with progression to a responsible welding coordinator role, welding technician, quality assurance coordinator or welding supervisor and could help you work your way towards becoming a welding engineer.

There is high demand in the industry for qualified people to progress into a coordinator role, and the EWF/IIW diploma demonstrates evidence of technical knowledge and allows employers to meet the requirements of ISO 3834.

The Welding Specialist Diploma has many benefits, it is an internationally recognised qualification, and provides evidence of the essential welding-related tasks described in EN ISO 14731, gives verification of welding skills when tendering for work, and it could lead to a responsible welding coordinator role as defined in ISO 3834. The Diploma satisfies knowledge requirements for Engineering Technician registration with the Welding Institute and will increase your knowledge of welding production, including design and advanced welding processes. It also increases your employability and value to the industry.

Career Progression

The Specialist Diploma is ideal for candidates wishing to develop their careers, as the specialist modules listed below can be built on to gain Technologist or Engineer Diplomas. TWI offers a modular programme enabling progression in stages through three levels from Specialist to Technologist then Engineer.

The Specialist Diploma provides candidates with the opportunity to gain the technical knowledge required for planning, executing and supervising all tasks and responsibilities for straightforward welded constructions. Continuing your studies with the Technologist and Engineer modules will provide you with the opportunity to gain comprehensive technical knowledge to become involved with more complex welding fabrication projects.

Don’t worry if you don’t meet the entry requirements for the higher levels when you begin your training as the knowledge gained from the specialist course can be used as a foundation for later courses.

Practical Weld Technology

AWP-Advanced Processes and Equipment

WPE1-Welding Processes and Equipment

DAC1-Design and Construction

MAB1-Materials and their behaviour

FAA1-Fabrication and Application

Entry Requirements
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