Success for first P91 and other high Cr steels course!

First 9CrMo modified header ever manufactured in Europe, supplied by NEI for installation at 'Drakelow C' power station. Courtesy of G Mathers.

TWI's first training course on low-alloy and high Cr steels (from 0.5% Cr to P91, P91, P122 and X20) was held in Middlesbrough in October 2011.

The course was attended by welding engineers, materials engineers and welding inspectors from the power and process sectors and covered a range of topics such as welding, dissimilar welds, weld repairs, codes and standards issues, as well as a range of case studies (and a few horror stories!). Following direct suggestions from the attendees, the next course content will be extended to include T23, T24 and high temperature stainless steels and Ni-alloys.

The course was delivered by Marcello Consonni, TWI Welding Engineer and by Gene Mathers, a welding engineer who was involved in the very first P91 header welded in Europe (see photo)!

What did the course attendees say about us?
"Pleasant atmosphere, good lecturers" - Lead Welding Engineer

"I found the course informative and well presented" - Senior Welding Inspector

The next course is scheduled for 30-31 May in Abington, UK For more information, please contact Customer Services on +44 (0)1223 899500 or email