TWI celebrates research and training collaboration with GMRI, China

TWI has signed a major research agreement with one of its Chinese Members (GMRI) to carry out research and development projects and technical training on structural integrity, materials performance testing and inspection. The three-year contract will see TWI provide R&D technical support and carry out technical training to GMRI on materials performance in different environment conditions, structural integrity of joints and non-destructive testing activities in support of the manufacture of components (pressure vessels, piping systems and off-shore structures).

TWI celebrates research and training collaboration with GMRI, China

GMRI is the leading research organisation working on chemical and general pressure machinery in China, and has been in collaborating with TWI for many years. This agreement will further enhance TWI’s interactions with its Chinese Members in Oil and Gas and general machinery sectors.

TWI offers tailored training courses on different topics depending on customer needs, as well as scheduled competency courses. Its structural integrity course at its training site in Great Abington, Cambridge, UK Structural Integrity Assessment and Practical Application of BS 7910 Procedures for the Assessment of Flaws in Metallic Structures is delivered by specialists who are highly experienced in the practical application of fitness-for-purpose methods in a wide range of applications including pressure vessels, pipelines, offshore structures, vehicles, bridges and building. Metallurgy and materials courses are delivered in Cambridge onsite. NDT courses are also run globally, and are accredited by the internationally recognised CSWIP certifications.

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