Plastic Welding Training and Certification Services

TWI is a world recognised material joining and technology organisation that teaches ‘best practice’ when carrying out training for all welding and joining techniques.

At TWI, we deliver courses at our premises in Cambridge and Middlesbrough in the UK and also on-site at company premises anywhere in the world. One of our programmes is plastic welding training. TWI is one of the top few organisations that offer this programme of courses, including:

  1. Butt Fusion, Socket Fusion and Electrofusion Welding
  2. Plastic Visual Welding Inspector
  3. Welding Inspector to Plastic Welding Inspector
  4. Hot Gas and Extrusion Welding
  5. Welding of Lining Membranes
  6. Welding of Moulded Plastic Components

We also offer witness approval tests, full NDT and mechanical test house facilities, along with assistance to identify test type and determine the range of approval required to minimise the number of approved tests. Plus, the qualification documentation is issued and authenticated by TWI Certification Ltd.

For more details and information, visit our website or contact us.