Course Title:
Adhesive Bonding Technical Workshop (Combined Theory and Practical)

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Suitable for:

Scientists, engineers, designers and manufacturing personnel presently using or planning to use adhesives. These focussed workshops will help the user understand the underlying science and technology within the broad field of adhesives and provide an opportunity to exploit the benefits of this versatile technology. Newcomers to the field will gain a sound knowledge of the area and practical hands-on experience.

Course Content:

Polymers, adhesives and adhesions (I,II), surface treatment (general and specific), design and fabrication, quality control, testing (destructive and NDT), dispensing, joint assembly, adhesive curing, durability, health and safety, adhesive applications.

Course Objectives:
  • Provision of a learning platform, to acquire fundamental and applied knowledge of adhesive technology
  • Opportunity to use dissimilar material combinations for innovative manufacturing
  • Establishing applied expertise grounded in theory
  • Providing credentials of competence for attendees
  • Understanding the importance of adhesive selection and joint design for long term service performance
  • Providing the opportunity to discuss specific applications or ahesion problems with TWI experts

Additional Information:

This modular course is based on the Adhesive Bonder syllabus developed through the European Welding Federation - theory and practical training can be carried out together or separately depending on the attendees' All the workshops will finish with an end of course assessment.
All candidates will receive a TWI Certificate of Attendance.