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Collapse November 2015November 2015
Get qualified in corrosion inspection through two new courses from TWI
Outstanding young welders and metalworkers recognised at WorldSkills UK Finals
TWI South East Asia commended by Malaysian government for its work with young welders
New CSWIP course: Certification of Personnel Reviewing Welding Procedures to ASME IX
Enrolment is now open for Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing through Blended Learning course
TWI hosts graduation ceremony for successful engineers on the EWF/IIW Diploma in Welding
A career in welding inspection
Collapse October 2015October 2015
Overcoming the language barrier: extra provision for non-native English speakers
Collapse September 2015September 2015
Phased Array Ultrasonic Training - An Innovative Approach
CSWIP employer-specific NDT in compliance with ISO 9712
First diving course takes place in TWI SEA’s new premises in Kuala Lumpur
TWI Abington: a training centre with a difference
Careers seminars promote opportunities for young professionals in Pakistan
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