Course Title:
An Introduction to Electron Beam Welding

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Suitable for:
This course is an introduction for operators of EBW equipment and those who have responsibility for the development and inspection of EB welded components e.g. supervisors and project leaders. The course also provides an overview of new technologies for advanced EB processing.

Course Content:
  • Terminology and definitiions of EBW
  • Vacuum requirements, attainment and measurement, leak detection
  • High voltage systems - generation and X-ray safety
  • Beam generation techniques, beam probing
  • Equipment requirements - description of key components - NC programming
  • Typical users - industries, materials, high power EB
  • Joint design - good and bad practice
  • Weld preparation - joint face machining, demagnetizing, cleaning, jigging, tacking, accuracy requirements
  • Effects of EB parameters
  • Defects - recognition and avoidance
  • Beam deflection
  • Advanced processing with EB

In addition to the above lecture room activities, there will be practical laboratory sessions using TWI's EB welding equipment. A short multiple choice assessment will be given towards the end of the course and a 'Certificate of Attendance' will be awarded to all course members.

Course Objectives:
  • To learn the basic operation and procedures to be followed to achieve high quality EB welds
  • To be able to develop welding conditions for a range of materials and thicknesses
  • To recognise defects and know which parameters or working practices to change in order to eliminate them
  • To have an understanding of advanced EB processing technologies and their use.