Course Title:
API Q1 Technical Application for Lead Auditor - Part 1

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Suitable for:
Operators, manufactures, industry suppliers, 3rd party auditors and consultants who support the petroleum, oil and gas industry.

Course Content:

Course content This course covers the entire Q1 Body of Knowledge (BOK), including: scope, exclusion, documentation, organizational resource requirements; contract review, planning, risk management, design and development, contingency planning, procurement, product quality plans, product realization, calibration, product release, nonconforming product, measurement, analysis and improvement, internal audits and management review. As well as the identification of the new requirements, this course provides participants with the understanding, knowledge, and skills needed to carry out successful internal and external audits. The latest methodologies, practices, and techniques are presented as well as practical application activities designed for the petroleum, oil and gas industry.

This courses utilises a combination of lecture, examination and group exercises to ensure each participant understands how to properly analyze, audit, document, report findings, concerns, and observations. It not only teaches auditing, but how to audit the API Q1 Specification as intended by the industry group responsible for its development. It focuses on all the new controls and the expectations from the manufacturing industry. This course demonstrates how to audit these controls for maximum effectiveness.

Upon completion, you will earn the designation of API Q1 Lead Auditor, receive a certification with a unique registration number issued by WPAG and be listed in the Industry Registered Professional Network.

This course is delivered in conjunction with TWI SEA at its state-of-the-art facilities in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Course Objectives:

Summary of course curriculum:
  • API Q1 Specification Body of Knowledge
  • Auditing for the oil and gas industry
  • How to audit the API Q1 elements
  • Audit preparation & performance
  • Audit reporting and follow-up
  • Auditor competencies, responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Auditing manufactured products

Additional Information:

This course is delivered in conjunction with TWI SEA at its state-of-the-art facilities in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.