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CSWIP Cathodic Protection - Level 1

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United KingdomCambridge
£ 1,520.00 + VAT
14 January 2019
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Suitable for:
This course is for you as an engineer, technician, or operator who requires knowledge of CP techniques, through to more in-depth technical detail, plus an understanding of likely problem areas and an appreciation of cathodic protection methodology.

Course Content:
This course will teach you the basics of corrosion, terminology, electrode potential, reference cells polarisation diagrams, and electrolytes (soil/water composition). It will also cover methods of controlling corrosion, principles of coating of buried and immersed structures, sacrificial anode systems, and impressed current systems. This course also covers typical designs of CP system, CP materials, potential measurements, and monitoring and maintenance.

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Course Objectives:
This course will provide you with a good understanding of the basics of cathodic protection, including designs, monitoring and maintenance.

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Candidates should have a practical background in electricity, corrosion technology or engineering with a minimum of one year of relevant experience and must have successfully completed an approved course of training in cathodic protection at the appropriate level.