CSWIP Cathodic Protection - Level 1
Course Details:
Certification/Awarding bodies: CSWIP
Starting: 12 November 2018
Ending: 15 November 2018
Location: Turkey
Venue: Istanbul
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Suitable for:

Ideal for engineers, technicians, and operators who require knowledge of CP techniques, through to more in-depth technical detail, plus an understanding of likely problem areas and an appreciation of cathodic protection methodology.

Course Content:

Basics of corrosion; terminology, electrode potential, reference cells polarisation diagrams, electrolytes (soil/water composition), methods of controlling corrosion, principles of coating of buried and immersed structures, sacrificial anode systems, impressed current systems; typical designs of CP system, CP materials, potential measurements; monitoring and maintenance.

Certification/Awarding Body:

Additional Information:


Candidates should have a practical background in electricity, corrosion technology or engineering with a minimum of one year of relevant experience and must have successfully completed an approved course of training in cathodic protection at the appropriate level.