Course Title:
EWF/IIW Diploma - Advanced Welding Processes and Equipment

CountryVenueCourse FeeStart DateFurther Information
MalaysiaKuala Lumpur
RM 3,400.00 +6% GST
14 August 2017
United KingdomCambridge
£ 1,449.00 + VAT
05 June 2017
United KingdomCambridge
£ 1,449.00 + VAT
09 October 2017
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Suitable for:

Although AWP is taken as part of the Welding Process and Equipment module, it can also be presented as a stand alone course for people with special interest in the welding processes presented during this week. i.e. laser welding, electron beam welding, plasma welding, friction welding, resistance welding etc.

Course Content:

This module provides an overview of the more unusual welding and joining methods such as power beams, friction welding etc. and should be taken with module WPE1 for those who wish to gain a credit in welding processes and equipment.

Certification/Awarding Body:

Course Objectives:
  • To understand the principles of various welding processes and their application
  • To understand how different welding power sources work
  • To gain the breadth of knowledge required to succeed in the appropriate EWF/IIW examinations