Diploma - Fabrication and Application (Advanced)
Course Details:
Certification/Awarding bodies: IIW/EWF
Starting: 03 December 2018
Ending: 07 December 2018
Location: United Kingdom
Venue: Cambridge
Course only:
£ 1,549.00 + VAT

Suitable for:
  • Welding co-ordinators (ISO 14731)
  • Other specialists involved in welding fabrication (QA, QC and manufacturing)

Course Content:

This subject is offered as final modules only. Subjects included are quality assurance and quality control in welding, welding procedure requirements, approval testing, welder performance testing, calibration, non-destructive testing, economics, repairs and case studies.

Certification/Awarding Body:

Course Objectives:
  • To understand quality assurance/quality control requirements in fabrication
  • To understand to QA/QC requirements in welded fabrication
  • To understand the principles and application of different NDE methods
  • To gain success in appropriate examinations
  • To gain an appropriate TWI Diploma qualification (for full course only)
  • To gain the breath of knowledge required to succeed in the appropriate EWF/IIW examinations

Additional Information:

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