Course Title:
P91, Low-alloy and other Creep Strength Enhanced Ferritic Steels for Advanced Power Plants

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Suitable for:

Welding engineers, welding inspectors, metallurgists, plant managers, maintenance engineers, process engineers, design engineers, regulatory staff and any professional staff who require an appreciation of high temperature alloys welding and fabrication.

Course Content:

The course is provided over two consecutive days according to the schedule below. The actual scheduling of lectures over the two days may vary, however, all subjects will be covered.

Day 1

  • Introduction and objectives
  • Introduction to creep
  • Other high temperature applications
  • Weldability of creep resistant steel
  • Welding of creep resistant steel
  • Review

Day 2

  • Detection of creep damage by NDT methods
  • Weld repair (standard)
  • Weld repair without PWHT
  • Codes and standards
  • Industry case studies
  • Q&A session

Course Objectives:

Welding and fabrication of high temperature alloys:
  • includes all Cr-Mo steel grades (from 0.5Mo to >9% Cr)
  • focuses particularly on the high chromium steel grades (P91, P92, P911, P122, X20)
  • provides best practice guidelines for consumable selection, welding and repairing high temperature components
  • overview of relevant codes and standards
  • relevant industry case studies