Metallography Insight
Course Details:
Starting: 13 March 2019
Ending: 14 March 2019
Location: United Kingdom
Venue: Cambridge
Course only:
£ 850.00 + VAT

Suitable for:

This course teaches the underlying theories and principles of lab-based metallography, before moving on to deliver a practical workshop. Candidates will learn essential practical skills from experts in the field of metallography, using industry-leading equipment, techniques, and consumables.

This course is ideally suited to technicians, lab managers and engineers from non-materials engineering disciplines who want to develop an in-depth understanding of the processes and capabilities of metallography as an analytical technique for quality control, inspection, and failure investigation.

Tailored courses - Bespoke courses for groups of six or more can be developed to focus on particular families of materials.

Course Content:
  • Sample preparation using various materials preparation techniques
  • Microstructural characterisation of a wide range of materials, using light microscopy, including metals, ceramics and polymers, in the lab 
  • Review of the effect of each step of sample preparation, including choice of etchant, on finished metallographic samples
  • Review of the use of metallography and fractography in failure analysis
  • Detailed discussion of best practice for digital imaging of the prepared samples using low magnification stereomicroscopes and high magnification compound microscopes, including image enhancement methods
  • Quantitative image analysis methods
  • Demonstration of fixed machines/devices for hardness and percent ferrite measurements
  • Documentation of microstructures and other features
  • Explanation of running an efficient and safe laboratory with high throughput whilst maintaining a high level of quality, including HSE requirements, lab layout and time saving sample preparation techniques

Course Objectives:
  • To experience first-hand the practical aspects of metallographic and fractographic specimen preparation
  • To understand the equipment and consumables requirements for lab metallography
  • To understand the tools that can be used to analyse specimens and microstructures
  • Effective recording and reporting


Additional Information:

There are no formal entry requirements although a technical background and some knowledge of metals and alloys would be an advantage.