Course Title:
Metallography Insight - Practical Laboratory and Field Metallography Combined Package

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Suitable for:

Technologists, Engineers, Technicians, beginners and more advanced metallographers who want to develop an in-depth understanding of the processes and capabilities of lab based and in-the-field metallography techniques as an analytical tool. The course includes the practical skills required to produce good quality samples, techniques for analysis and an understanding of the equipment and consumables requirements of modern lab based and field metallography.

Anyone who is considering setting up a metallographic capability or operating existing facilities and wanting to broaden knowledge of lab and field best practice. Individuals entering the field of metallography as new discipline.

Course Content:

The course will cover the following areas: Sample cutting and sectioning; techniques for ferrous and non-ferrous materials; thermal and cold mounting techniques; surface preparation, grinding and polishing in the lab and field; etchants and etching techniques; field replication techniques for carbon and stainless steels; lab and field microscopy and imaging; fixed and portable hardness testing; the use of metallography in failure analysis; quantitative analysis methods; documentation of microstructures and other features.

Course Objectives:
  • To experience first-hand the practical aspects of lab and field based specimen preparation
  • To gain an appreciation of best practice in the preparation of metallographic surfaces including weld profiles, fracture surfaces and corrosion damage
  • To understand the equipment and consumables requirements for lab and field based metallography
  • To understand the options available for taking metallographic replicas in the field
  • To develop techniques required to produce the best results
  • To understand the tools that can be used to analyse specimens and microstructures
  • Effective recording and reporting

Additional Information:

There are no formal entry requirements although a technical background and some knowledge of metals and alloys would be an advantage.