Course Title:
Metallography Insight - Laboratory Based Metallography

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This course teaches the underlying theories and principles of metallography before moving on to deliver a practical workshop. Candidates will learn essential, practical skills from experts in the field of metallography using industry leading equipment, techniques, and consumables.

This course is ideally suited to technicians and lab managers who want to develop an in-depth understanding of the processes and capabilities of metallography as an analytical technique for quality control, inspection, and failure investigation. This includes the practical skills required to produce good quality samples, representative images without preparation artefacts and an understanding of the equipment and consumables requirements of the modern metallurgical laboratory. It also covers the tools and techniques employed for material characterisation, including hardness testing, image analysis, and quantitative metallography.

The aspects associated with health and safety of procedures, laboratory organisation and storage of chemicals are covered in depth.

Tailored courses:
Bespoke courses for groups of six or more can be developed to focus on particular families of materials.

Course Content:

The course will cover sample preparation and microstructural characterisation of a wide range of materials such as metals, ceramics and polymers. The effect of each step of sample preparation, including choice of etchant, on the finished metallographic sample will be covered. Best practice for digital imaging of the prepared samples using low magnification stereomicroscopes and high magnification compound microscopes will be discussed in detail, including image manipulation and quantitative metallography.

The course also covers other aspects of running an efficient and safe laboratory with high throughput whilst maintaining a high level of quality. These include HSE, lab layout and time saving sample preparation methods.

Course Objectives:
  • To experience first-hand the practical aspects of specimen preparation
  • To gain a wide appreciation of the processes involved in best practice preparation of metallographic specimens
  • To understand the equipment and consumables requirements for lab metallography
  • To understand the tools that can be used to analyse specimens and microstructures
  • Effective recording and reporting

Additional Information:

There are no formal entry requirements although a technical background and some knowledge of metals and alloys would be an advantage.