Course Title:
Thermographic Inspection - Level 1

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Suitable for:

All engineering disciplines especially those involved with any maintenance or reliability including management, engineers, technicians and craft personnel.

Course Content:

  • Correct operation of the infrared imaging system, including adjusting the image, storing and retrieving data, provide proper care and verify the calibration of the instrument
  • Understanding the basics of infrared theory including characterising the object and background
  • Understanding basic heat transfer and to work within the limitations of the technology and follow basic inspection procedures
  • Understanding qualitative thermography to be able to identify various patterns, anomalies and to make simple temperature measurements
  • Familiarisation with the conditions required to carry out various inspections including mechanical, electrical components, energy systems and to consider any associated limitations
  • Understanding basic safety concerns that must be addressed in order to conduct safe thermographic inspections
  • Understanding of the factors that must be addressed when prioritizing potential problems for repair
  • How to maintain a database and be able to complete a simple test report (BS ISO 18434-1:2008) using the analysis and report generation software developed for their IR system
  • Application of the requirements of relevant codes and standards

Training in accordance with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9712.

Certification/Awarding Body:

Course Objectives:
  • Correct infrared camera operation
  • To be able to characterise the object and background for accurate temperature measurement
  • To be able to identify patterns, shapes and anomalies in identifying problems
  • To develop a route plan to collect data
  • To develop an infrared inspection report to ISO standard