Time of Flight Diffraction (ToFD) - Blended Learning Package
Course Details:
Certification/Awarding bodies: CSWIP, PCN
Starting: 29 October 2018
Ending: 02 November 2018
Location: United Kingdom
Venue: Cambridge
Course + Exam package:
£ 2,450.00 + VAT
Course only:
£ 2,110.00 + VAT
Exam only:
£ 370.00 + VAT

Suitable for:

Individuals with ultrasonic testing experience, who are looking to expand their knowledge into advanced ultrasonic applications and gain a qualification in Time of Flight Diffraction (ToFD).

Blended Learning
The eLearning training is part of the ‘blended learning’ToFD package; ‘a mix of eLearning and in-class practical training followed by certification to BS EN ISO 9712. The online modules can be studied when and where it is most convenient and at your own pace.

The package ‘ separates the learning of key concepts from the learning of a specific instrument,‘ coupled with interactive exercises focused on the principles behind set-up, calibration, acquisition and data analysis. An intuitive logical training structure, which invariably‘ helps the students understand key concepts, step-by-step.

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In addition to the eLearning element of the Time of Flight Diffraction training, students will then attend practical classroom training for 5 days.

Course Content:
  • Module 1: Basic Principles of Ultrasound and Ultrasound Testing
  • Module 2: Principles Underlying Time of Flight Diffraction
  • Module 3: Data Analysis
  • Module 4: Review


ToFD theory and principles of diffraction, ToFD hardware (pulsers, receivers, motor control, encoders), ToFD data acquisition and interpretation, ToFD techniques, ToFD applications, equipment selection, calibration and optimisation, optimising PCS and angles, flaw location and sizing, limitations of detection and resolution, codes and standards, reporting.

The course ends with the certification examination.

Training in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9712.

Certification/Awarding Body:

Course Objectives:
  • To understand the theoretical background and limitations of ToFD applications
  • To correctly select probe/wedge to examine welded butt joints
  • To calibrate and set up the ToFD ultrasonic equipment
  • To locate and evaluate flaws in the weld body and HAZ
  • To differentiate defects from geometric features
  • To analyse scan data for location and size of defects in typical welded butt joints
  • To understand and apply digital processing processes (SAFT, linearization, averaging, filters etc)
  • To compile written instructions
  • To meet the CSWIP syllabus requirements

Additional Information:

In addition to the eLearning element of the Time of Flight Diffraction training, students will then attend practical classroom training for 5 days.


CSWIP candidates should be qualified to a minimum of BS EN ISO 9712 in Ultrasonic Testing.

CSWIP certification is also available for candidates holding ASNT UT Welds. It will be considered on an individual basis and evidence of training and experience presented to the training centre on application. Non-BS EN ISO 9712 certificate holders will be required to sit the CSWIP UT Welds Level 2 General Paper.

Please note:  Inspectors who do not hold BS EN ISO 9712 Level 2 certification in ultrasonic inspection are required to view the CSWIP document.

The minimum required duration of training, which includes both theoretical and practical elements, is:

  • Level 1 - 40 hours
  • Level 2 - 40 hours (Direct Level 2 - 80 hours)

The minimum duration for experience prior to or following success in the qualification examination is:
  • Level 1 - 1 month for CSWIP - 3 months for PCN
  • Level 2 - 3 months for CSWIP (Direct Level 2 - 4 months) - 9 months for PCN (Direct Level 2 - 12 months)
What happens when I book on this blended learning course? All you need to do is book on the blended learning package in the same way as standard TWI courses. Your payment will be taken in full. You will be then receive an email with login and licence details so that you can access eLearning. You will have 60 days from the first login to complete the eLearning part of the course before attending the classroom element.

eLearning technical specifications: So that your computer can run the ToFD eLearning modules you will need the following basic systems: Operating System: Windows Vista 7, 8 or 10

Browser: Internet Explorer 11 or higher (PC)

Plugin: Silverlight Plug-in. You can get the Silverlight Plug-in using the following link:

Internet connection: 2 MBIT/s