Course Title:
TWI Advanced Award in Friction Stir Welding

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Suitable for:

TWI’s Advanced Award in FSW is intended for those with considerable experience of the FSW process and who are about to take responsibility for implementing or managing the process in a production environment. As such, it is expected that the candidate would already possess TWI’s Basic and Intermediate Awards in FSW, or substantial documented experience in lieu.

The training course will be tailored to the requirements of the candidate, and will be of approximately 5 days duration. All, or at least substantial elements of the course, may be held at the customer’s premises.

Course Content:

Aspects of FSW covered by the course include:
  • Application assessment
  • Design of fixturing
  • FSW machine selection
  • FSW parameter selection
  • Inspection and testing
  • Defect remediation
  • Process documentation
  • Quality Control regimes
  • Tool design
  • Tool material selection
  • WPS generation
  • Welding metallurgy

Course Objectives:

The objective of the course is to provide the candidate with the in depth knowledge of friction stir welding required to:
  • Establish the suitability of the process for the fabrication of a given component
  • Select the best friction stir welding technique and tool for that component
  • Identify appropriate process parameters for the welding
  • Prepare a Welding Procedure Specification for the proposed fabrication
  • Programme a friction stir welding machine to perform the weld
  • Establish an appropriate inspection regime for quality control in accordance with the FSW standard ISO 25239:2011
  • Understand the nature and cause of any defects generated by the FSW process and implement the required corrective actions to eliminate them

This bespoke course will combine a mixture of classroom and ‘hands on’ training. It can be held at a candidate’s own premises, allowing the training to be tailored to the machines, processes and components of specific interest and fulfilling the requirement of ISO 25239-3:2011 for qualification on a specific FSW machine.

Additional Information:

This is an advanced level course aimed at those who are already responsible for, or are about to commence, friction stir welding in a production environment. The course will be closely tailored to the specific needs of the company and candidate, and will be based on the requirements of the ISO FSW standard 25239:2011.

For further information, contact: Stephen Cater, Principal Project Leader, Friction and Forge Processes -