Course Title:
Ultrasonic Corrosion and Erosion Monitoring

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Suitable for:

Ultrasonic Technicians certified to level 2 who wish to gain specific training in the corrosion monitoring of steel products.

Course Content:

The course includes specific product technology in In-Service failure mechanisms including corrosion. The emphasis of the course is practical training and experience on corroded samples similar to those conditions experienced in the Offshore Industry.

Course Objectives:
  • To gain relevant practical knowledge of offshore components
  • To understand the failure mechanisms in these items during in-service use
  • To carry out practical examination of representative components
  • To compile test reports for in-service and corrosion defects

Additional Information:

Specific additional reference material will be given to aid the product knowledge of the candidate.

Must hold ISO 9712 Level 2 Ultrasonic Testing approval.

Career Progression:
A relevant supplement to the NDT/Rope Access Technician