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Ultrasonic Testing (UT) - Welds - Appreciation eLearning Package

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The Ultrasonic Testing Appreciation eLearning package brings the student into contact with ultrasonic testing even if the testing is conducted by someone else. This could be ultrasonic testing equipment vendors, auditors or supervisors – anyone who works indirectly with ultrasonic testing.

This eLearning package gives you 14 days’ access to the eLearning materials. The training is delivered step by step, one section at a time, but free of any time pressure to complete the individual modules.

Students completing the full package will be awarded a Certificate of Satisfactory Completion.

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Course Content:

The Ultrasonic Testing Appreciation eLearning Package covers both manual and semi-automated PAUT and is divided in three modules:

Module 1: Basic Principles of Ultrasound Testing

  • NDT, certification, ultrasound, basic notions, ultrasound waves, dB system
  • Instrument, probes and wedges
  • Scans and views
  • Producing ultrasound, wave propagation, coverage, techniques
  • Procedures, training, acceptance criteria
  • Set-ups, essential variables
  • Inspections, probe positioning, scanning
  • Data evaluation
  • Data management

Module 2: 0-Degree Ultrasonic Testing

  • Type of inspections, steel making, corrosion
  • Instrument inner workings, probes, 0-degree wedges, scanners
  • A-Scan, cursors and gates
  • Ultrasound wave, beam
  • 0-degree set-ups, essential variables
  • 0-degree calibration, beam edge plot, velocity, wedge delay, DAC, TCG, encoder
  • Scanning pattern
  • Thickness measurements, indication evaluation, depth, length, width

Module 3:  Angled Ultrasonic Testing

  • Types of welds, welding methods, gouging
  • Angled wedges
  • A-Scan, legs
  • Refraction, beam angle
  • Beam edge plot, transfer correction
  • Angle beam calibration, beam index point, velocity, wedge delay, sensitivity, DAC, TCG
  • Pulse duration check, resolution check
  • Evaluation, assessing defects, probe movements, echostatic and echodynamic patterns

Additional Information:

eLearning technical specifications
So that your computer can run the UT eLearning modules you will need the following basic systems:

Operating System: Windows Vista 7, 8 or 10
Browser:  Internet Explorer 11 or higher (PC)
Plugin: Silverlight Plug-in
You can get the Silverlight Plug-in using the following link:</br></br>

Internet connection: 2 MBIT/s

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