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Ultrasonic Testing (UT) - Welds - Refresher eLearning Package

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For technicians who are already certified, but would benefit from a reminder of the fundamentals of Ultrasonic Testing, we are introducing a refresher eLearning package. This course is an excellent way to remind yourself of the underlying principles and skills required to conduct this type of inspection.

Refresher courses are available for 14 days consecutive access from the date of activation. During that time they can be completed entirely at your own pace, with the option to repeat any sections as needed.

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Course Content:

The Refresher eLearning Package is divided in three modules:

Module 1: Self-evaluation Test
  • 40-question test
  • Link to an explanatory video for each question
  • Grade obtained

Module 2: Theory
  • Measurement units, reflection and transmission
  • Sine wave, frequency, wavelength, longitudinal waves, shear waves, dB system
  • Casting, rolling, extruding, forging, corrosion
  • Welding methods, SMAW, SAW, GTAW, GMAW
  • Digital instrument, pulser/receiver, digitizer, gain, piezoelectric crystal, frequency spectrum
  • Wedge, wedge height calculation, angled wedge
  • Scanner, encoder
  • A-Scan, B-Scan, C-Scan, full screen height, full screen width, gates, legs
  • Transit time, PRF, wedge signal, beam, attenuation, near field, dead zone
  • Snell’s law, incident vs. refracted, critical angles, beam index point, beam angle
  • Probe selection, wedge selection, coverage
  • Calibration, couplant, time base linearity, gain linearity, beam edge plot, transfer correction
  • Calibration, beam index point, pulse duration check, resolution check
  • Scanning pattern, 0-degree, angled beam, weld scanning, root scanning
  • Evaluation 0-degree, mapping flaws, depth & amplitude, length and width
  • Evaluation angled beam, depth, height, length, directional reflectivity, echostatic pattern, echodynamic pattern

Module 3: Interactive Exercises
  • 0-degree, set-up, velocity, wedge delay and TCG calibration, scanning and analysis
  • Angled beam, set-up, beam index point, beam angle, sensitivity, scanning and analysis

Additional Information:

eLearning technical specifications

So that your computer can run the UT eLearning modules you will need the following basic systems:

Operating System: Windows Vista 7, 8 or 10

Browser: Internet Explorer 11 or higher (PC), Latest version of Safari (Mac)

Plugin: Silverlight Plug-in

You can get the Silverlight Plug-in using the following link:

Internet connection: 2 MBIT/s

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