EWF/IIW European Welding Federation/International Institute of Welding

International/European Welding Specialist (EWS)
International/European Welding Technologist (EWT)
International/European Welding Engineer (EWE)

  • Part 1: Welding processes and equipment
  • Part 2: Materials and their behaviour
  • Part 3: Construction and design
  • Part 4: Fabrication and applications engineering

The syllabus technical requirements for the above are similar but the number of training hours differ:

  • International Welding Specialist - Minimum 222 hours
  • International Welding Technologist - Minimum 340 hours
  • International Welding Engineer - Minimum 446 hours

Current examination format for each level and each part:

  • International Welding Specialist:
    • 1 narrative question from a choice of 3
    • 30 multiple choice questions
  • International Welding Technologist:
    • 3 narrative questions from a choice of a5
  • International Welding Engineer
    • 4 narrative questions from a choice of 6
    • only on FAA module, this exam paper is replaced by a case study
    • Nominal 30 minute oral

All examinations are presently ONLY available at the end of the appropriate training modules.