Advanced laser welding techniques course: register your interest

Advanced laser welding techniques course: register your interest

Expressions of interest are now being accepted for a course that provides an overview of two advanced and highly effective joining techniques: laser and hybrid welding.

‘An introduction to laser and hybrid welding’ has proved a popular programme, with several iterations of the two-day workshop already having taken place. Candidates interested in attending the next course are being encouraged to get in touch with TWI to register their interest.

The programme covers the fundamentals of laser and hybrid welding, two joining techniques which are widely used in modern manufacturing.

Laser welding uses a small, highly concentrated heat source, creating narrow, deep welds and permitting a high welding rate perfect for high-volume applications. Laser-hybrid welding combines laser welding with an electrical arc for an even more effective method of joining.

If you are interested in the tremendous potential offered by these techniques, this course is for you. Previous courses have been very successful and well received by attendees.

Honeywell Control Systems’ Alan Singh said: ‘The course content was comprehensive and we were very impressed with the TWI’s knowledge and facilities. We’ve already implemented a significant improvement in our factory as a result of something we observed during the practical session.'

For more information visit the course page on the TWI Training website. To register your interest, email