An Introduction to Subsea Inspection - a new course from TWI

An Introduction to Subsea Inspection - a new course from TWI

TWI is launching a new course, β€˜Introduction to Subsea Inspection’ aimed at improving the awareness of essential personnel, including topside engineers, technical, operational, maintenance and inspection personnel who may not have any experience of subsea inspection – but would benefit from an understanding of its principles.

The course was derived as a result of an in-depth market analysis that revealed that many of the personnel whose work is connected in some way to the subsea inspection environment, lack a fundamental awareness of the factors involved.

The course, which lasts 3 days, will also provide a useful introduction for anyone considering a career in subsea inspection. With great opportunities for travel, varied work and the potential for substantial remuneration, it’s a challenging and rewarding career path to follow.

Topics covered on the course include offshore structures and installations, loading, the deterioration of steel and concrete, marine growth, corrosion (including protection and monitoring), welding (including terminology and defect identification), cleaning for inspection, remedial grinding, methods of inspection, recording and reporting, quality assurance and control.

See the underwater inspection career map for more information on a career in subsea inspection.

In the following video, Business Manager for TWI's underwater training facility in Middlesbrough, Leighton Evans, explains everything you need to know about becoming a CSWIP-certified diving inspector:

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