CSWIP Certification for Welding Technical Representatives

Description: CSWIP Certification for Welding Technical Representatives Major changes in the characters of the welding industry have transferred the customer interface from the manufacturers to the distributors. The former were characterised by a substantial technical support effort, whereas many distributors are small companies currently short of technical resources.

The UK's Association of Welding Distribution (AWD) has recognised the need to enhance the technical standing of its member companies and this CSWIP certification scheme benefits members of the association by establishing a minimum standard of technical competence for the welding sales personnel employed by both distributors and manufacturers. A higher level of confidence in the technical status and capability of the companies concerned will thereby result.

Clearly it is of advantage to the fabricator, particularly to the many small companies not having significant resources in welding engineering, if the distributor has technical sales staff in whom he can have confidence. This implies that such staff should have demonstrated their competence in appropriate aspects of welding technology and practice so that the advice given will rest on a solid foundation. For the distributor, certification will provide a mark of technical competence having national status through the established recognition of TWI Certification Ltd within the professional engineering scenario.

The scheme is due to be launched in January 2012. Find out more or register your interest: twicertification@twi.co.uk