CSWIP Welding QC Co-ordinator - a popular new scheme

 CSWIP Welding QC Co-ordinator - a popular new scheme

The first CSWIP Welding Quality Control Co-ordinator course took place in Abington, UK on 23rd August. At the end of this five-day course, candidates were invited to a cake cutting ceremony to celebrate the official launch of this new programme!

People holding CSWIP welding inspection certification with several years' experience often asked us about the next logical step on their career ladder. In addition, the modern inspector's roles have changed in the last few years and often the title of QC Engineer is thrust upon them or they are expected to be equally proficient in several disciplines.

The Welding QC Coordinator programme is designed to bridge the knowledge gap between welding inspection and quality control.

This new scheme is proving to be very popular so don't delay enrolling!

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