Demand for CSWIP underwater courses continues to expand worldwide

Demand for CSWIP underwater courses continues to expand worldwide

During 2011 and 2012 there has been a continual rise in demand for CSWIP certification around the world in response to the increasing requirements for skilled inspection personnel, especially in the oil and gas industry. For the first time ever, UK instructor Richard Morris flew to South Africa to run a CSWIP 3.4U - Underwater Inspection Controller course. Courses in February 2013 are already fully booked in South Africa and further courses are being scheduled to accommodate the increasing number of candidates. 3.3U and 3.4U courses are also now run in Thailand, Malaysia, India, Norway and Egypt. Importantly, the 3.3U and 3.4U courses can be run almost anywhere as they’re classroom based and not restricted by equipment and facility. This means TWI can be very flexible and deliver the courses wherever the client requires. Candidates then benefit from not having to spend money on travel, accommodation or visas which can sometimes be difficult to obtain.

Kuala Lumpur has experienced an especially rapid increase in demand as the CSWIP certification is well known in the region and the office serves Australian candidates as well as those from Asia and China. Egypt is also proving to be a very buoyant market and the last two years have seen unprecedented growth in India. USA has also seen a steady growth in demand, and CSWIP’s reputation is growing as the internationally recognised certification.

Demand for CSWIP underwater courses continues to expand worldwide

The CSWIP 3.3U - ROV Inspector is mainly concerned with ROV Pilots and Observers. The qualification enables the candidates to plan and collate all inspection data gathered by the ROV. This includes amongst other things GVI (general visual inspection), CVI (close visual inspection), corrosion monitoring, pipeline inspection, photography and off course diver safety monitoring. Importantly, with oil and gas fields being discovered in very deep waters, well beyond a diver's capability, the ROV will become more and more essential in the inspection industry. This qualification will give the client confidence that the inspection data collected and reported has been done by a person who has proven his or her capability to do so. Furthermore with exam renewals every five years they can be assured that standards are being maintained.

The CSWIP 3.4U - Underwater Inspection Controller encompasses all the 3.3U certification as shown above but with the addition of inspection by divers. In addition the 3.4U will plan the overall inspection program if both ROV and Diving facilities are on the same vessel or platform. In the early days the team leader possessed the 3.4U and had co-ordinators gathering the inspection data under his guidance but now everybody in the team has to hold the 3.4U qualification. The 3.4U holder will liaise with both the Supervisor and the Client Representative via the morning meeting.

The 3.4U is a great career step for divers who wish to move on from diving whilst remaining within the industry. After years of inspection the diver can then make full use of his vast experience to continue on the surface as a 3.4U. Following on from the 3.4U the natural progression is to be a Client Representative. This progression can also be said of the 3.3U as more and more DSVs are specific for ROV only.

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