Digital radiography now CSWIP and PCN approved!

Digital radiography now CSWIP and PCN approved!

Digital imaging - it's everywhere! After many years of continuous digital advancement we now take it for granted. Nearly everyone owns a mobile phone and the vast majority of them allow users to take instant digital pictures or digital video footage and send it anywhere in the world at the click of a button.

It was inevitable that digital imaging would infiltrate into Radiography and is already widely used in the medical services across the world. It has also been used for industrial applications for a number of years now, but how do we begin to assess digital radiographic systems? CMOS sensors, CCD sensors, PSP imaging plates, TFT's to name a few, can appear confusing to many traditional film radiographers. However, the application of digital systems is growing and industry including certification bodies within NDT are realising that the training requirements for personnel who have been asked to use such systems cannot be covered adequately by traditional film radiography certification. Further training specific to digital image acquisition is vital for the whole NDT industry.

Many clients are now asked the question, 'can I substitute film radiography for a digital radiographic system?' by their suppliers. Often a suspicious eye is cast over this question although the benefits listed appear attractive and include: reduced film cost, no more chemicals and no more archiving nightmares associated with traditional film radiography.

Some of the key questions being asked are:

  • How good is the digital image?
  • How can you control digital systems from a quality perspective?
  • How do you know if things are going wrong?
  • What about security, can digital images be manipulated?

These are all valid questions that need an answer.

With this in mind TWI has been conducting digital radiographic courses and certification in digital radiography to EN 473 for over a year, covering profile and tangential, welds and castings applications. Additionally, TWI can offer bespoke training for special applications and company specific certification.

Scheduled courses will be delivered at TWI Technology Centre (North East) in Middlesbrough and TWI Abington near Cambridge, and with these courses now concluding in Level 2 certification exams for both CSWIP and PCN, there has never been a better time to book your Digital Radiography training with TWI.

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