First CSWIP Welding Quality Control Co-ordinator in South East Asia -
a great success!

First CSWIP Welding Quality Control Co-ordinator in South East AsiaDesigned to bridge the gap between welding inspection and quality control this programme has proven to be very popular and highly appreciated by both industry and course attendees globally.

The first course in SEA took place on 14-18 February at TWI in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the feedback from candidates was excellent.

David Helliwell, who attended the course said:

'It is a great course that actually just re-structures what you already know and streamlines your thinking a bit. I have been managing quality docs for about 15 years, up to a billion dollar project and I had no idea if I passed or failed. The guys at TWI must have put a great deal of time and effort into developing this programme.

The exam was the most stressful three hours of my career! I believe TWI has excelled designing such a course. This will really show the guys who really know their stuff! Thanks TWI!'

If you are thinking about attending this course, we thought that you might find these Frequently Asked Questions useful.

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