First PAUT blended learning student qualifies with TWI India

First PAUT blended learning student qualifies with TWI India

With more than eight years’ experience as an Advanced NDT Technician, Merwyn Lagundino, an Operations Co-ordinator with RTD Applus, a global energy service provider, was sponsored to attend the new blended learning Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing course at TWI India.

Blended learning for PAUT consists of a week of e-learning with two weeks of classroom-based tuition, offering flexible, accessible and personalised learning. It offers an intuitive logical step-by-step training structure. Theory, concepts and complex methodology can be studied when and where you choose, with less time in the classroom, saving costs related to travel and accommodation.

After attending the course Merwyn gave some positive feedback and comments about the new structure of course, as it is a new concept from TWI.

Merwyn said that his company chose TWI as its training provider because it is highly thought of and has a good reputation. He mentioned that the course is varied and stimulating and suitable for professionals looking for better career progression. Merwyn went on to say that the training adds value to the employee’s company as it is very relevant to industrial requirements. He also commented that he would recommend TWI to his friends and colleagues for any training needs.

TWI’s Advanced NDT lecturer Mr Sathish Murugan commented that Merwyn interacted very well during the training which helped him pass the exam. His next step towards career progression is becoming a Plant Inspector, and TWI India wishes him the best in all his future endeavours.

NDT blended learning is also available for Time of Flight Diffraction (ToFD) and Ultrasonic Testing Levels 1 and 2.

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