Get more interest with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) - Invest in your learning bank

Get more interest with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) - Invest in your learning bankHave you ever read a book that you simply can't put down? Have you raised a subject that causes people to discuss? Has an intriguing problem hooked you into chasing the perfect decision?

Being interested in your job, your craft or your profession leads you to review, refresh, and extend your skills and knowledge. Keeping up-to-date and learning new information keeps you interested in your professional development, and professional development increases your value to your employer and opens up new opportunities for career advancement. Membership of The Welding Institute and certification under the CSWIP schemes both require your commitment to lifelong learning to support your Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Including new courses in your Professional Development Plan (PDP) is a great way to increase your qualifications and develop new skills but CPD is not just formal education and training. CPD includes the professional journals and magazines that you read, seminars and conferences you attend, professional and standards committees that you contribute to, and soft-skills, management development and language studies that you engage in; you need to record your CPD to maintain your compliance with rules and standards.

The Welding and Joining Society (WJS) is the knowledge network of The Welding Institute, and supports a variety of CPD events and activities, including an annual conference (18-19 May this year and focusing on the nuclear power sector), regional WJS Branch events and focused Technical Group seminars with electronic media delivered via our Global Branch service. All courses delivered by TWI Training and Examination Services in the UK and overseas qualify as CPD and, being industry specified and internationally recognised, can contribute greatly to your professional development.

Like any journey, professional development not only depends on where you intend going but also where you are starting from, and it is essential that you plan your route to ensure that your journey is both interesting and effective; learning for the sake of it can be fun but it is much more rewarding if it delivers your aspirations and ambitions. The Welding Institute supports its members in planning their professional development and achieving their career aspirations. For guidance on education, training and other CPD opportunities, please forward your CV and details of where you would like to get to and how you might like to achieve it to ; we are interested in helping you to enjoy an interesting and fulfilling career.

EUR ING Chris Eady CEng MRAeS MWeldI
Associate Director, Professional Affairs, The Welding Institute