Engineers from the company that runs the Hong Kong metro have successfully attained international certification in ultrasonic testing thanks to training from TWI

Hong Kong metro engineers attain certification in ultrasonic testing with TWI training

The MTR (Mass Transit Railway) Corporation (MTRC) approached TWI when it was looking to train its non-destructive testing staff to ensure they could satisfy international standard ISO 9712. Working in partnership with TWI’s South East Asia Regional Centre, TWI SEA, engineers from the company’s infrastructure maintenance department underwent training in a programme that ran over two years, successfully receiving accreditation earlier this year.

A spokesman for MTRC said: “The programme was implemented under three essential perspectives – knowledge, equipment and skills.

“The ultrasonic testing working crew consisted of colleagues with different levels of educational background, ability and field experience, yet they embraced and overcame the challenge with strong and professional will.

“The whole crew truly practised the belief of going from ‘great to greater’ and to uphold the commitment to deliver a safe and reliable transportation to Hong Kong citizens.”

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