Introducing the TWI Virtual Academy: studying on your own terms

Introducing the TWI Virtual Academy: studying on your own terms

Accessing learning from TWI has just become easier and more convenient than ever before, thanks to the launch of the TWI Virtual Academy.

This dedicated online learning portal gives you access to learning resources you can study anywhere with an internet connection, anytime, at a pace that suits you.

The TWI Virtual Academy makes learning straightforward and enjoyable, with a modern interface, crisp design and intuitive navigation. It features animations and videos showing hands-on demonstrations, allowing you to get a better feel for equipment and techniques in the virtual world, so that you have covered all the essential groundwork when you come to use the real thing.

Information is presented in layers and bitesize segments, with regular knowledge checks and quizzes to make sure you are learning everything you need to. You can monitor your progress as you go, so you can clearly see which areas you have successfully completed, and which areas you need to focus on.

As well as being an effective way of studying, the flexibility of eLearning also means you have to spend less time in the classroom: so less time out of the office or off-site and less money spent on travel and accommodation.

The TWI Virtual Academy development team has taken a modular approach to course development. Materials are prepared by TWI’s expert trainers to the same high standard as the classroom lessons, and because the programmes are modular, different sections can be combined to create bespoke courses covering precisely the areas your business needs.

TWI Industrial Members, including many of international industry’s leading companies, have been consulted on their needs and expectations for online learning, and several have already expressed a strong interest in incorporating TWI’s eLearning materials into their employee training programmes.

Dr Marcus Jones, Global Manager of Strategy and Development at TWI Training and Examinations, said: ‘The TWI Virtual Academy will provide increased value to its customers by reducing classroom time, absence from work, and accommodation costs. The facility for students to learn course theory online, in their own time, and at their own pace will enhance their classroom experience and thereby produce more successful students with increased competence.’

Over the last five years TWI has trained more than 100,000 people. With the launch of the Virtual Academy, even more will be able to access its industry-leading training programmes to build the skills and knowledge they need to develop their careers.

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