NDT Practitioner Level 3 - pre-examination training and examination package


This course for preparation and examination at Level 3 is available in Abington and Middlesbrough, UK. The training objective is to provide candidates with the foundation knowledge required to take Basic and Main Method examinations. It is aimed at experienced senior inspection personnel who wish to attempt PCN and/or CSWIP (EN 473) Level 3 certification.

The course content covers:

  • Basic exam - Revision of product technology (materials, cast, wrought, welding, heat treatments, etc); certification scheme information; revision of NDT methods at level 2
  • Main method exams - general preparation and revision of chosen method at level 3; sector specific preparation and revision of the NDT method including use of applicable standards; NDT procedure preparation and creation with use of applicable standards and specifications

The objectives of the course are:

  • To state the responsibilities of a level 3 as directed by the relevant scheme
  • To state the inspection parameters relating to welds, forgings and castings
  • To be familiar with the main certification scheme requirements
  • To explain the principles of the major complementary NDT methods
  • To prepare for chosen method exam at level 3 through revision and assessment in general and sector specific terms
  • To devise and write NDT procedures and instructions for the inspection of component and/or weld configurations in the chosen method

Courses are tailored to meet candidates' specific requirements. Although not compulsory, it is recommended that EN 473 qualification is held at Level 2 before attempting Level 3 examinations.

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