TWI’s new UK facility in Cambridge will house over 40 new classrooms, lecture rooms, specialised welding and NDT areas as well as ultra-modern eateries and relaxation zones

New Cambridge facility for TWI training and examinations

New Cambridge facility for TWI training and examinations

Having moved onto site in early December, the construction company has made an impressive start to the construction programme. Taking full advantage of the absence of any severe frost, which would have restricted concrete works, they were able to get the majority of the foundation pads in place before the Christmas break. As a result, erection of the steel framework began in the first week of January.

The new buildings will house over 40 new classrooms, well over 50 meeting rooms, five conference rooms, a state-of-the-art library and several lecture rooms. This will enable TWI to upscale the volume of training delivered in the UK, and provide specialised training areas in the 1,600m2 of workshop space. In here there will be a dedicated area for practical welding, radiography and NDT (non-destructive testing), including DPI (dye penetrant inspection) and (magnetic particle inspection).

There will also be an ultra-modern restaurant and café, and a connecting area called ‘The Street’ that will house relaxation zones and informal meeting areas.

Aside from new training facilities, there will be a 3,200m2 engineering hall where electron beam welding, friction welding and large specimen NDT activities will take place. A further 2,000m2 will be taken up by the new National Structural Integrity Research Centre’s laboratory space.