New Structure for CSWIP Certification in Plant Integrity Management

Description: New Structure for CSWIP Certification in Plant Integrity ManagementIn this competitive age, the resources of successful plant operators can be severely stretched when faced with unforeseen problems or when planning for appropriate long-term asset management. The key to the safe and reliable operation of process plant is to identify the most cost-effective practical solutions, using state-of-the-art assessment tools and techniques.

Recognising the need to ensure that engineers involved in asset integrity management are suitably qualified to deliver optimised plant inspection and assessment, TWI is offering an internationally recognised CSWIP plant inspector certification scheme at three competency levels (Level 1, 2 and 3).

TWI has responded to industry's need for plant inspection personnel to gain certification in plant integrity management by offering the Plant Inspection training scheme in a modular format, giving prospective students the opportunity to follow a clearly defined, structured career path.

These courses are aimed at plant engineers, non-destructive testing engineers, materials and corrosion engineers and plant inspectors responsible for managing the safety and integrity of ageing process equipment, pipelines, boilers and storage tanks. The scheme is designed to suit plant inspectors working for manufacturing works (Vendor), inspection organisations, equipment owners and operators, classification societies, insurance companies and safety regulators. The courses have three goals:

  • To ensure inspectors and engineers responsible for plant integrity have the essential tools and skills necessary to assess plant safety
  • To recognise and certify plant inspector competence
  • To provide a structured path for continuing professional development of plant integrity practitioners through formal training/certification.

CSWIP Plant Inspector - Level 1

The following gives an overview of the modular training programme: Module 1:

Part A - Rules/Regulations and Duties of the Plant Inspector

Part B - Inspection Methods

Students unable to meet the knowledge/experience requirements for direct entry onto the Level 1 course will be able to acquire this knowledge by taking supplementary training modules.  For example, if students do not meet the NDE requirement, they must take the NDE appreciation course. If they do not have an inspection approval, they must take the Offshore Visual Inspection or Welding Inspection training before certification will be awarded.

CSWIP Plant Inspector – Levels 2 and 3

The new Plant Inspection Level 2 format is predominantly based around asset integrity management skills, focusing on inspection and maintenance planning, integrity assessment and repair based on API and ASME standards and best practice.

Student must pass four of the following seven modules and hold CSWIP Plant Inspector Level 1 in order to be awarded CSWIP Plant Inspector Level 2.

Module 2 - Damage Mechanism Assessment for RBI and FFS, based on API RP 571

Module 3 - RBI based on API RP 580, 581 and ASME

Module 4 - FFS Assessment based on API 579-1 and ASME FFS-1 2007

Module 5 - Weld Repair of Pressure Equipment and Piping

Module 6 – Pressure Vessel Inspection based on API 510 – coming soon!

Module 7 - Piping Inspector based on API 570 – coming soon!

Module 8 - Aboveground Tank Inspector based on API 653 – coming soon!

Student must pass any six of the above seven modules and hold CSWIP Plant Inspector Level 1 in order to be awarded CSWIP Plant Inspector Level 3.

Students who hold an API approval will not have to attend the relevant CSWIP training course however they must pass the CSWIP bridging examination for the particular module which they seek exemption.
If you require additional information, please contact the Plant Inspection Programme Manager: