New training course – Welding of Moulded Plastic Components

New training course – Welding of Moulded Plastic Components

We are pleased to announce a course for engineers involved in material selection, design and fabrication of moulded plastic components. The new training is a result of recent work by TWI for the automotive industry to review welding procedures and design guidelines for moulded plastic components to guard against failure in service. This programme culminated in the establishment of a new specialist BSI sub-committee.

Jaguar Landrover is the first organisation to complete the specialised training. Following completion of the course in June, the company invited course co-ordinator Dr Farshad Salamat-Zadeh to present certificates to its employees.

New training course – Welding of Moulded Plastic Components

Welding of Moulded Plastic Components provides guidance and best practice on welding techniques for joining moulded plastic components using hot plate, vibration, ultrasonic, spin, infrared and laser welding, covering the welding equipment and process parameters for each method. Our instructors will also give direction on joint design and best methods for assessing joint quality.

Involving a mix of classroom and practical sessions, the course will run at our headquarters in Cambridge, UK. However, we offer the flexibility to deliver training at a customer’s premises either in the UK or overseas.

This new course is suitable for those working in high-tech industries such as automotive, medical and domestic appliance where there is a requirement for the design of complex systems involving parts to be welded together.

Course dates – Welding of Moulded Plastic Components
10-12 March 2015
2-4 June 2015
6-8 October 2015

This training course has been recognised by The Welding Institute for CPD.

To discuss further or to book a course, please contact Dr Farshad Salamat-Zadeh on +44 (0)1223 899552,, or see our training and examinations website.