Stand out as an NDT weld inspector with advanced ultrasonic testing certification

Stand out as an NDT weld inspector with advanced ultrasonic testing certification

If you have experience in ultrasonic weld testing and are ready to take your career to the next level, two courses available from TWI can give you the qualifications you need to move forward.

Whether you represent a company wishing to broaden the range of inspection services you provide, or are a weld inspector seeking to grow your prospects, these advanced ultrasonic inspection courses have been designed to impart high-level knowledge and skills.

The first, ‘Phased Array Inspection of Welds’, is perfect for businesses who wish to strengthen their inspectors’ ultrasonic capabilities, and for Level 2 qualified ultrasonic technicians who wish to add another string to their bow. The course leads to internationally recognised certification from CSWIP or PCN, fully compliant with ISO 9712.

It’s a 15-day course comprising phased array theory, acquisition, and data analysis. You’ll learn about the theory behind phased array, the correct way to calibrate equipment and how to interpret results, using industry-standard products such as the Olympus OmniScan, TD Handy or Focus-Scan and Zetec Topaz.

The second course, also for Level 2 ultrasonic inspectors, is ‘Time of Flight Diffraction’. This is a ten-day programme, covering everything an ultrasonic weld inspector needs to know about utilising the time of flight diffraction ultrasonic inspection method. That includes applications, techniques, equipment selection, flaw location and sizing, limitations, reporting and relevant codes and standards. Equipment available includes the TD Pocket-Scan, Zetec Topaz and OmniScan SX or MX2.

The training will fully prepare candidates for the end-of-course exam, which if passed will lead to the award of an internationally recognised qualification from CSWIP or PCN. All training is ISO 9712-compliant.

Both courses, ‘Phased Array Inspection of Welds’ and ‘Time of Flight Diffraction’ are available at TWI training centres around the world.