Students graduate with enhanced understanding of corrosion inspection

Students graduate with enhanced understanding of corrosion inspection

Corrosion costs international industry an estimated $2.5 trillion every year – so inspectors proficient in its detection will always be in demand.

TWI recently provided training to support industry’s efforts to tackle this costly form of material degradation, giving a group of inspectors all the knowledge and skills they need to use phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) to effectively investigate corrosion in their work.

The students have just completed ‘Corrosion Detection and Monitoring – Advanced Ultrasonic Inspection (PAUT)’, a five-day course covering every aspect of using PAUT to identify, quantify and monitor corrosion.

The course, which was introduced earlier this year, is available exclusively from TWI. Fully accredited to BS EN ISO 9712, it leads to internationally recognised CSWIP certification.

Designed for level 2 phased array ultrasonic inspectors, the course makes use of the most modern testing equipment and covers topics including the principles of corrosion and material degradation, working with both one- and two-axis encoding scanners, analysing acquired data and interpretation of relevant standards.

Feedback from the students included that the course struck an ideal balance between practical and theoretical work, and provided a good range of real life samples to support their learning.

For more information on this training visit the course page. A similar course is available covering conventional ultrasonic inspection.

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