Training boosts welding skills for Murphy Group engineers

A project-specific training and certification course for building and civil engineering experts The Murphy Group has enabled six construction workers and supervisors to apply their skills successfully to a new development involving the installation of a large volume of polyethylene pipework. The training, delivered by TWI polymer expert Andy Knight, involved theoretical and practical training in butt fusion and electrofusion and will ensure the successful and safe installation of pipework in the new project.

Training boosts welding skills for Murphy Group engineers

The one-day course was delivered on-site for the Murphy Group and was tailored around the candidate’s existing skills and experience. It involved a mixture of classroom and practical sessions and covered an introduction to common thermoplastics; welding equipment; avoidance of joint defects; health and safety; welding parameters; joint preparation; process control and inspection; and testing. The course concluded with theoretical and practical examinations that led to the six candidates being awarded with the internationally recognised CSWIP certification in butt fusion and electrofusion welding of PE pipes.

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