Transform a love of diving into a rewarding career with training from TWI

Transform a love of diving into a rewarding career with training from TWI

International travel, exciting work and ample progression opportunities: a career in underwater inspection is not short of benefits.

If you have a commercial diving licence, or an interest in diving and a desire to get one, moving into underwater inspection gives you the opportunity to turn an enjoyable activity into a ticket to see the world and a rewarding career.

Over the last few decades TWI has delivered training to hundreds of divers from all over the world at its specialist facilities. Courses are currently offered in Middlesbrough in the UK, Baku in Azerbaijan and Chonburi in Thailand – each venue featuring modern diving equipment and hosting training provided by experienced industry professionals.

For UK-based trainees, TWI is the only place in the country where divers can carry out their training and gain CSWIP certification in the same location. Once qualified you will be eligible to work all over the world: CSWIP certification is the internationally recognised industry standard, and a specified requirement of many employers.

There are four courses available in TWI’s underwater inspection suite: 3.1U NDT Inspection Diver, 3.2U NDT Inspection Diver, 3.3U ROV Inspector and 3.4U Underwater Inspection Controller. They combine classroom-based theory with practical tuition, either in a dive tank or topside, depending on the programme.

Each qualification requires recertification every five years, to refresh divers’ knowledge and ensure their skills are up to date. This can be carried out at any of TWI’s underwater training facilities.

If you would like to find out more about what a career in underwater inspection entails, an overview of TWI’s diver inspection courses is provided by Leighton Evans, TWI’s underwater inspection business manager, in this video:

You can also find out more about the route through the different CSWIP courses in this underwater inspection career progression map.

For a complete list of courses, including dates and venues, consult the courses page on, or e-mail