TWI and Swagelining Limited cooperate to advance CSWIP in subsea pipe lining field

TWI has developed a tailor-made training and certification butt fusion welding course for joining PE pipes for Swagelining Limited, the leading polymer lining technology company specialising in subsea and oil and gas pipe lining projects.

TWI and Swagelining Limited cooperate to advance CSWIP in subsea pipe lining field

TWI and Swagelining Limited successfully trained engineers to international standards, gaining CSWIP certification aligned to EN 13067 ‘Qualification Testing of Plastics Welders’. In keeping with the highest standards of competence required to work on subsea and hydrocarbon pipeline projects, Swagelining Limited is committed to adopting this standard for all of its trained welding staff.

The initiative, delivered by TWI expert Andy Knight was designed around the specific needs of Swagelining® standards. It involved a mixture of classroom and practical sessions, and covered an introduction to common thermoplastics; welding equipment; avoidance of joint defects; health and safety; welding parameters; joint preparation; process control and inspection; and testing. The course concluded with a successful theoretical and practical examination exercise which led to each candidate successfully gaining CSWIP certification.

Tim Powell is the Operations Manager of Swagelining Limited and the man responsible for field delivery. For him, the cooperation with TWI made perfect sense as both organisations are fully committed to raising standards to the highest level. Tim commented:

'The collaboration with TWI is an invaluable step forward as we both strive to lead the way in raising the bar for polymer connection and jointing technology. Our focus remains firmly on ensuring individual competence and developing new performance standards in polymer fusion for polymer lining in subsea and oil and gas projects.'

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