TWI launches NDT and Painting Inspection courses in Baku

Karim Shakouri, TWI Central Asia, was pleased to announce that the first NDT courses, including DPI (Dye penetrant inspection), MPI (Magnetic particle inspection) and RTI (radiographic test interpretation) have been completed in April, 2013.

TWI launches NDT and Painting Inspection courses in Baku

The successful candidates will be awarded the widely recognised CSWIP certification, which is known worldwide by employers and other industry stakeholders as an international mark of competence in non-destructive testing. Employers can be confident that candidates holding a CSWIP certification are able to carry out their tasks safely and accurately, minimising risk to their co-workers and the business. Competent employees who have been formally trained and have acquired accredited NDT skills are increasingly in demand by industry, especially the large oil and gas companies that are prevalent in Azerbaijan.

Karim also congratulated the team of candidates who completed the first ever BGAS-CSWIP Painting Inspection – grade2/3 course in May 2013. Having completed the course, candidates will be competent in being able to recognise and identify the advantages and disadvantages of different paint systems and surface preparations. They will also be able to understand the various methods of application and testing, as well as being able to interpret requirements of standards. This will ensure that candidates are then fully equipped with the knowledge and skills, they need to carry out accurate painting inspections.

For any further enquiries, please email Karim Shakouri, TWI Central Asia, WORLD BUSINESS CENTER, No: 3, Floor: 11, Intersection S. Vurgun & S. Rahimov Str, P.O. Box: AZ1014, Baku, Azerbaijan.

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