TWI provides fracture toughness training and consultancy in Singapore

TWI provides fracture toughness training and consultancy in Singapore
Philippa Moore (fifth from right) and Phillip Cossey (third from right), with staff at PTS's Singapore office

Two specialists from TWI travelled to Singapore to provide bespoke training and advice to an established testing company.

Southeast Asian company Professional Testing Services (PTS) has been offering fracture toughness testing from its Singapore and Malaysia offices for about five years.

Assistant lab manager Ming Quan Zheng travelled to TWI in Cambridge, UK, to attend the Welding Diploma course earlier this year. Following the course he decided to invite TWI team manager and fracture specialist Philippa Moore to PTS Singapore to deliver a training course on fracture toughness testing and to help identify methods to improve the testing of very large specimens in very high strength steel.

Phillip Cossey from TWI’s testing lab joined Philippa so that they could provide a full consultation on the theory and practical tips for doing the tests. In parallel with the teaching, a large test specimen was prepared using TWI’s guidance for the local compression, which when broken open after testing, showed a successfully improved fatigue crack shape.

The TWI specialists were able to answer a large number of questions posed by the PTS staff over the course of the week, as well as making a number of recommendations to them and their director Mr Tee to help improve their testing services.

Ming and the PTS staff treated both Philippa and Phillip with great hospitality during their stay in Singapore.

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