TWI shared welding quality information at the 2011 Sarawak Shell Berhad Quality Day

TWI Services Sdn. Bhd. was invited by Sarawak Shell Bhd (SSB) to participate in their 2011 Quality Day held on 27th September 2011. The Quality Day, the first for SSB, was attended by Shell staff from different disciplines including the Vice President of Projects and Technology and General Manager of Engineering. The objective of the event was to raise the quality profiles in top quartile project delivery.

TWI was asked to showcase information on welding quality to delegates at the event including:

  • Welding quality assurance systems based on the ISO 3834 approach
  • The causes and prevention of weld defects
  • Approaches to verify the suitability of inspection techniques and competency of personnel
  • Welding metallurgy in relation to quality and performance of a welds

During the event, the ISO 3834 quality assurance approach and relationship between welding quality and performance of welds were explained to distinguished guests. The TWI engineers also answered questions on a number of related topics including inspection of welds, damage and life assessments of components in the oil and gas industry and welding fabrication issues.

The Quality Day was a milestone for both SSB and TWI and was a beneficial and fruitful event for both organisations.

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