TWI Training Profile: Graham Fry – Rising To The Top

TWI Training Profile: Graham Fry – Rising To The Top

From the very outset when he started work on the shop floor in his native Australia, Graham found that he had a passion for welding and, since then, has spent his career to date developing his skills and knowledge in the field.

Graham has continued to build on his experience over the years and is now one of the industry’s leading welding inspection and consultancy professionals.

Technoweld Pty Ltd, owned by Graham, provides world class welding Inspection and consultancy services to the oil, gas, mining, defence and construction Industries.

He and his team of five inspectors provide these services - always closely monitored and supervised for accuracy.

Graham is also one of the founders of the Australian Welding Institute and has completed several training courses at TWI, the latest of which has seen him reach the level of Engineer, having successfully completed the Fabrication and Application module of the TWI’s IIW Diploma course.

At TWI, Graham has trained in Visual Inspection, Welding Inspection, Senior Welding Inspection, and CSWIP Welding Quality Coordination.

Recently, Graham decided to take the EWF / IIW Diploma route, gaining knowledge of design and construction, welding processes and equipment, including understanding materials and their behaviour.

Why did he choose TWI?

Graham cites the credibility and reputation of TWI as one of the factors that has seen him cross the globe to train at Cambridge many times.

Not only does he recognise TWI as a leader in its field, but notes that TWI is respected across the industry with high quality facilities on offer.

However, the facilities are just part of the appeal of training with TWI, as Graham also says he enjoys visiting and staying on site as it gives him the opportunity to network with fellow students and professionals from around the world.

When it comes to the training, Graham was also quick to note the abilities of TWI’s lecturers, who he says inspire confidence through their industry experience, whilst being able to offer wider context to the information and specific industry applications.

Graham Fry has achieved amazing results through determination and commitment to his craft and is an inspiration both in his field and to anyone who wishes to build their career – whatever the industry!