TWI’s Greek training agent holds successful first course in welding inspection

TWI’s Greek training agent holds successful first course in welding inspection

Hellenic Engineering Company (HENC), the training agent of TWI for Greece and Cyprus, carried out the CSWIP 3.1 Welding Inspector course on 2 October 2017. The course was held at the brand new HENC training facilities and offices in the Athens district of Perama, in Greece.

The course was very successful and the participants enjoyed the professionalism of the TWI lecturer and the quality and quantity of the knowledge that was transferred.

Panagiotis Benetatos, owner of Olympic Mechanical S.A and one of the participants, stated that the course was: "Well delivered and engaging, really well paced with a good balance of theory and exercises, as well as the instructor being very fun and knowledgeable. The session compels you to question your current approach and look for ways to influence your performance in visual welding inspection".

Another participant Natassa Papadopoulou, QA/QC engineer in of the biggest Contractors in Greece, J&P AVAX noted: "The CSWIP 3.1 Welding Inspector training course provided me with the tools I need to gain an extensive knowledge in welding inspection and establish an expertise in this sector. The training process was organised in a professional manner and has met my learning needs. The instructor presented the contents of the course with clarity and enthusiasm. Moreover, the training material was very well structured and helpful".

She added: "The level of the difficulty of the exams is proportional to the expectations for obtaining a certificate that is widely recognized both nationally and internationally. I would like to thank both TWI and HENC for giving me the opportunity to experience such a high class training course in Greece".

The quality of the course syllabus and structure was remarkable and this is an essential certificate for everyone who is involved in Quality Assurance and Quality Control in various industrial sectors. HENC and TWI will carry on their collaboration in 2018 with two new CSWIP courses and other common projects, satisfying the needs of our customers.